Saturday, February 6, 2016

Years later....

Yup, I'm still here.

A lot has happened in the last few years.

I had to say goodbye to my father.  Also to my lovely cat Chloe.  I got married.  We bought our dream home. We adopted a new puppy.  I turned 40. I got my Florida Real Estate License & we traveled, traveled, traveled.

Through these last few years I have grown in so many ways and have to say I feel more sound in my feet than ever.

I still have a passion for writing & creating. I don't think that fire will ever go out.

Actually, every day I have missed it and thought about it more than before. I love that there are so many opportunities to let our voices shine. I love that each person has a different point of view and when they create it is different from person to person. I love the freedom we have to create our own destiny.

So. I hope everyone out there is taking advantage of their destiny and pushing the envelope to become what each and everyone of you wants to become in life.

There is so much I want to do...
I'll be here by your side. Plugging along...


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This past weekend I met S for breakfast at Cristo's diner in College Park.

As I was driving through town, I saw that our Veterinarian 
was having an OPEN HOUSE.  

After breakfast, I decided to pop by and see 
what went on behind the scenes...

Varsity Veterinary Center - 2010 Edgewater Drive, College Park, FL 32804

I was greeted and given a tour by Lauren, one of my favorite vet techs.

Each room was set up showing the different services they provide.

**Rehab services:
Dr. Olson, DVM, CCRT is trained in animal rehab.

**where Zoey and Chloe stay when they are at the vet.

I was completely amazed because they not only provide veterinary 
services for domestic pets but, they also provide services for exotic animals and wildlife too.  

As the tour went on, I was shown the X-ray &
surgery rooms.

 I thought it was completely adorable how they had the stuffed animals
posed as if they were in surgery or if they were getting an Xray.

It put a huge smile on my face knowing Zoey and Chloe are in safe hands.

Not only was the tour a great experience but, when my BEST BUDDY ~ GUS 
was very ill earlier in the year S brought him to see Dr. Olson.  

After 18 years together and a long struggle to get him better we had to sadly let him go.

A few weeks later, I received a call from Dr. Olson's office asking me to stop
by because they had something for me...

When I arrived they handed me this.

There are no words... but, thank you!

Dr. Olson and her staff are top notch!  

They always go above and beyond and you can tell they love what they do.

If your best buddy is sick and needs to see a Dr. bring him/her to 
Varsity Veterinary Center.
They will take great care of them!

P.S. let them know I sent you. ;)

Friday, October 5, 2012


~ Picture a day Challenge ~

What a great way to be creative!!!

Come join me.

What you do:

Just take a picture with you camera or iphone relating to the word or phrase for the day.

You can add your personal creative touch to your images with photoshop or instagram software.

Post on your timeline each day stating the day of the month and the word or phrase of the day.
ie: Day 22: Food
It's as simple as that!

Try it out... you may like it! ;)