Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pearl Knotting

I heart to create! 

My favorite medium to use = beads

A good friend of mine, Noelia, taught me how to Pearl Knot a few weeks ago 
since then, 
I have been dreaming of all the cool jewelry 
I am going to make.


Here is what she taught me:

First, you need pearls... 
there are so many sizes, shapes & colors... 
just choose the ones you like!

Next, you will need:
2 crimps, 2 u clasps, crimping pliers, tweezers & silk thread

TIP *you can also use liquid stitch to strengthen the knots if you like


Here we go!

Take the silk string 
TIP *I buy mine with the needle already threaded

On the fresh end of the string, you will have the starting knot,
thread on 1 crimp.  

Take 1 u clasp, thread it on the string creating a loop as shown below.
Make sure when you are done threading the u clasp to also thread the needle back through the crimp.
 Then, take the crimping pliers and fasten the crimp in place.

(this starts the beginning of any necklace)

Now you are ready to start adding beads!
take the first bead - string it on tight up against the crimp.
(as shown below)