Friday, October 28, 2011

Tiny Houses?!?

Recently, I saw the production of tiny houses on the 
reality show "Design Star" on HGTV.  

As I do my daily reading and search for interesting things to 
talk about in my blog, 
I bumped into this site...

They are the premier tiny house company!
They build 3 different styles:
Box Bungalows
Houses to Go 
They range from 99 sq ft to 885 sq ft.

It has become quite a trend for people with little interest to live in 
a large home, with a large mortgage,
to buy these custom made itty bitty homes.

The luxury about them are they are trendy, small enough to have 
built to your specifications and can you own them for a fraction of the cost of a real home!!!

With the last three to four years of the real estate collapse it seems a lot of people are 
starting to realize and live by the less is more attitude!

What do you think?  

Could you be happy with this little house as your home???


These are a few of my favorite Box Bungalos:

These are the Houses to Go:

 & these are the Cottages:

It really is amazing how they can build them to fit your needs &
they seem to be pretty spacious inside to boot!