Monday, September 10, 2012

Do you LOVE Vintage?

The other day, I was going to S's office 
and, as I was leaving I saw that there was a 
new store located in the same block.

It's called: 
1231A N. Orange Ave, Orlando, FL

Not able to resist, I popped in and as 
I perused around I chatted with Brandy, the owner.

As, I busied myself looking for my needle in the hay stack
I found myself thinking how well put together this boutique was.

Everything had it's place.  Color coded by rack.  Every color in the rainbow.

Music was light and soothing.

Vintage pieces from as far back as the 20's.

I was really enjoying to be in this space.

I had an arm full of selections and in the 
dressing room I went to try them all on.

I found myself not able to put down this one piece. 
It reminded me of my childhood 
and the sweaters my mother used to knit.

Looking in the mirror I saw myself as a small child running 
around playing with my sisters and all of us having on one of my 
mom's hand made sweaters just like this one.


I submerged from the dressing room with my needle 
and a huge smile on my face!

Brandy immediately tells me that this is one of her 
favorite pieces in the store too.


Again, SOLD!

I am currently having my treasure dry 
cleaned but here are ones that I found 
on the web that resemble it.

This one is the exact same style and cut of the one I purchased.  
Mine is tan with bright green flowers.

As I was searching the web I found the next few pictures.  
These resemble the sweaters my mom used to make my sisters and I.

What a flash back!!!

Did your mom ever make you one of these patch knit pieces???