Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Closet Envy!

Did you know that over 95% of all people 
have no idea 
what clothing they own 
because it's crammed and stuffed 
into their closet & drawers.  

For months now, I have been telling S that I need 
to clean out and organize my closet...
each weekend I say I am going to do it... but,
it just hasn't happened.

Well, now that summer is on it's way the timing is perfect!

I am a firm believer that: 


So, I have made up my mind that I am going 
to tackle my closet & drawers this weekend 
& get myself back in that 5% bracket.

I have put together 5 easy ways to get it done & thought 
I would share in case you are one of the 95% who need a nudge!

:) here we go!

1. Sort your clothing in 2 piles
(a) clothing you wear 
(b) clothing you have not worn in 12 months.
~ donate (b)

2. Categorize pile (a)   
ie: work, going out, working out, summer, winter, sweaters, jeans etc.

3. Iron everything
(ugh, I know... this part is horrible, but, think of how nice 
it will all look on the hanger and folded nicely in your drawers.)
*remember, this is a NEW start to a cleaner, more organized you
*and, this will help you sort your dry cleaning items and any items that 
you need to get altered & mended

4. Leave space between hanging clothing 
also, keep articles in drawers in rows
* this will help keep things in order long term
*you can even go as far as putting each outfit on 
& taking a picture to catalog your wears

5. Organize shoes, accessories & personal items too
everything has it's place & is easy to get to



Easy Peasy!

*Remember to keep this up with each load of laundry / dry cleaning pick up...

The one way to change a bad habit in life is to start and to not look back!

Good luck, put some music on and have fun with it!

I hope you find some great treasures deep down in there 
 that you have forgotten about!