Thursday, February 23, 2012

The reality of being Green...


Isn't it amazing that the simplest of things in life 
like being mindful of what recycling can do... 
such as putting a can of pepsi in a recycling bin
can effect how we live in the future????

Recently S & I looked at a house to rent.  
It had a bomb shelter underneath that you could access from the kitchen.

At first, I have to admit, it was kind of creepy to me 
and visions of us sleeping with some weirdo 
standing over us that came in through that door made me flinch... 

But then, another vision came into mind...
and I heard my inner voice say 


What if we needed that one day?  

What if we had no electricity, no water, no food 
or no fuel for the ability to travel???

Some day we may need these resources to survive 
and recycling could very well be one of the ways 
that we maintain every day life (such as electricity, driving a car & heat) 
on a normal scale.

It is scary to think about, but on the other hand it is reassuring that if 
we as a society make changes that will support that "What If" 
we could be prepared and able to move on with our lives without skipping a beat.

I have been mindful of recycling for years now 
and when I saw the stats above I am proud to say 
that I made and can make a difference by doing something so simple!

Recycling can be as extreme as you prefer 
or it can be as simple as you prefer.  

Of course, we all would like the idea of having 
a compost, recycle every newspaper, cardboard box, plastic and glass container we come across, 
but that is not realistic...  

Every great movement takes time... 
people need to train themselves to be aware and make an effort to 
change their habits.  

I hope that the picture above adds a nudge to that change in your lives.

Happy Recycling!