Thursday, June 2, 2011

Great finds...

Through my search for great blogs, I found some amazingly cute ideas that gave me hope for the day I will also have an amazing blog that people will want to read and learn from.

Food... need I say more???

UH! I adore this... how simple and creative and lovely!  A great idea for a gesture that will say 1000 things without a word being spoken.

This one made me smile too!  Easy to make a little morning ritual such as breakfast into something much, much more!  All you need is ketchup and a straw to draw the details.  Priceless!

This little guy is something that is so simple and will put a HUGE smile on any child's face!  I can't wait to make this for my little niece - Madison.

Does anyone have a match?

Hello!  It's me... I'm back! lol

So much has been going on for me in the last year...
I have downsized my life in so many ways and I have to admit,

I feel like a new me... on a new path... with new goals!

I have been avidly tinkering around with the world of blogs and
seeing what people are doing and putting out there.  It amazes
me how talented people are and how much people all over the
world have to offer!

I have a creative streak inside that is dying to get out!  So, one
of my goals is to spark this puppy back up and let it roar!

I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for following!