Thursday, March 29, 2012

New & Interesting...

Blogging has been a great 
outlet for me to be creative & get some thoughts on paper.

But, most of all 
I hope to make this a place where my friends 
can come to find out about 
new & interesting 

Today, I wanted to introduce EGGDROP

I did what I said I was going to do ---> clean out my closet from hell.

It took me almost half a day, but I did it.

I have a HUGE pile of clothing, shoes, purses & stuff that I purged.

I was looking for a place to post it for sale thinking 
I could make a little money to go buy some new wears.
Instead of lugging it to the local consignment shop.

I looked at Etsy - they only do Vintage clothing.
I checked ebay - the fee to post is kinds high.
I checked Craigslist - it takes a lot of time.
I looked on the internet...
& found
They all are okay to sell on... BUT, I found it a hassle to post.

So, months back I was with friends and someone showed me EGGDROP.
We fooled around with it that night selling a cold drink... lol

I was laying in bed yesterday morning and thought, why not.

So I popped up, grabbed my phone & started taking pictures.

It really is as simple as that!

You take the picture, add the description, the price and post it.
and, there is no fee to post, sell or buy!

Your listing not only can be posted on Eggdrop for sale
but, you can by only a click of a button
post it on twitter & facebook
then, it gives an option to post your items to Craigslist.

All in a timeframe of maybe 3 minutes an item!

Now, I know selling stuff is a hassle & all
but just learning the app was great!

I LOVE new technology!

Eggdrop is mainly used for local sales
so this means people will be stopping by your
house to get their purchases --> much like Craigslist.

What I decided to do was add a line telling the viewer
 that they can have their purchase shipped for an additional fee
& that I accept paypal.
Just like if I posted it on one of the above sites but, you get much more exposure.

Another great feature is on Eggdrop you can make an offer for the item.
If you do not want to pay the listed price then you can offer your own.

Try it out and let me know what you think.
Clean the clutter away & make some money from it already!
(if you don't someone else will when you donate or consign it)

While you are there,
 check my sales out
& buy some of my stuff! ;) lol 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Street Art at it's Best

As you all know, I LOVE Art!

Here are some of my favorites.

Monday, March 26, 2012

A room with a view

What an amazing view!

I saw this picture today and thought... WOW! 
Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up to that!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

HOT Summer Selections...

It's that time of year again!

I am sooooo excited to waste away the summer hours at the pool 
reading and sun bathing 
that I had to pick out my 2012
summer favorites from Victorias Secret... and share.


to me, SHOES... are a girls best friend!
I LOVE these 4 ankle flats.

They bring a pop of style to each outfit
and are super affordable too!

 As for bathing suits... this year for me, 
I want to wear something that is comfortable and chic.
I love this yellow push up it looks great with a tan and great on a brunette.
 This is the tried and true black string bikini.  
Everyone MUST have one in their collection.
 This is the sex kitten choice.  
Everyone should have an animal print or 2 in their lives!
 This jeweled suit is super cute and super chic!
 Meow! love this subtle and sassy print!  
This one will get you all the looks at the pool/beach!
 For me, this cut is perfect and I love the tropical print.
 Last but not least, this foiled design is simply beautiful.
 As for wraps, you have to have a few.  
I don't prefer when girls run around just in their bathing suit.  
I like to cover up and look elegant when I walking around.

These two are subtle and at the same time chic.
 Next is a basic black cover up but, with a great see through design that catches the eye.
 This is the cover up winner!  I LOVE this black calf length see through piece!
It screams sexy and class at the same time!
I love these to pieces! 
So different and a cute addition to any cotton top.
sailor stripes are ALWAYS in... 
 I love the soft and clean feel/look of this dress.  
Great for dinner at the beach after a long day out in the sun to show off your tan.
 This dress is ultra chic and stylish.  
You could pop on a pair of cute heels and go!
 I LOVE linen!  
Enough said
What will you be wearing this summer?