Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beating the Streets is always interesting to say the least!

I spent my day out marketing yesterday.  What interesting people I came upon.  I seemed to walk into each office to find something weird and unusual.

First, it amazes me how messy how people keep their "public space".  I went into one office and I instantly stopped because it looked like a back room that a cyclone had gone through... 10 times!  LOL  I stopped thinking "OMG I think I came through the wrong door"... I backed up and looked at the door I came through... NO, it was the ENTRANCE.  Ha!  I waited for someone to come out to greet me (I could hear someone on the phone in an office close to where I was standing).


Finally, I walked in the doorway of the office the voice was coming from so the person could see that I was standing there alone in the "entrance" of the office.  She says, "YA" LOL.

Enough said...