Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beating the Streets is always interesting to say the least!

I spent my day out marketing yesterday.  What interesting people I came upon.  I seemed to walk into each office to find something weird and unusual.

First, it amazes me how messy how people keep their "public space".  I went into one office and I instantly stopped because it looked like a back room that a cyclone had gone through... 10 times!  LOL  I stopped thinking "OMG I think I came through the wrong door"... I backed up and looked at the door I came through... NO, it was the ENTRANCE.  Ha!  I waited for someone to come out to greet me (I could hear someone on the phone in an office close to where I was standing).


Finally, I walked in the doorway of the office the voice was coming from so the person could see that I was standing there alone in the "entrance" of the office.  She says, "YA" LOL.

Enough said...

Another thing that took me by surprise was the fact that a large amount of the offices I "solicited" were locked and a door bell to ring for them to "accept your entrance" was installed.  I was shocked the first time I saw this weeks ago in the ghetto when I was going to speak to an attorney.  I at first dismissed it because it was in a rough part of town... but, yesterday, I was taken aback that some of these offices that I had been to many times before now had door bells and locked doors.  I thought the Real Estate industry may have gone a little haywire with this foreclosure mess... but, locked offices and doorbells????

I wonder why?

Another stop posed to be a little off.  I couldn't seem to find the ENTRANCE to the building.  So, it took me about 20 minutes to find out how to enter.  Okay, I used to be a blond, but seriously, the door was in the oddest place.  How on earth do people find this company????  I couldn't!  There was a large sign outside, but no direct marked entrance.  OYE!

Other than that... I was greatly surprised how rude and scant people can be with solicitors.  Shouldn't businesses want to know about services that they may need?  I find it really annoying that companies can not take a simple "Hello, this is what I do and I would like to talk to you about it".  I know there are plenty of companies out there that do the same service that I do... But, mine is BETTER! LOL (kidding)
I really wish it was easier to contact the decision makers and just give them a little 5 minute blip on what I am able to do for them.  It gets harder and harder to reach the people you want to do business with... if you can not walk in, call or email without someone giving you the sigh of death, it's sad.  It is really discouraging to think that people are not more open minded to someone trying to make it on their own.

Beating the streets!  I love it but also take so much from it at the same time!

Another day, Another dollar... as they say.

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