Monday, June 6, 2011

Housewifes fever!

I heart the The Real Housewives of... reality shows on Bravo!!!

Each day, this week, I wanted to post my favorite woman from each series.  

I would love to hear what you think and who your favorite is too!!!

Here goes.

~ MY #1 ~

The Real Housewives of NYC 

Bethenny Frankel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

First, yes, I am from NY so I think it does help with my connection to the NY women on this show.  I "get" their humor and their lifestyles...  

Second, I have always had such "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE" for NYC that it draws me in even more!

Aside from the drama and caddy BS that goes on on these shows, I think I enjoy mostly to see what these women do with their newfound fame.  I believe it is easy to market products with the "reality" fame in your back pocket... but, in my opinion, Bethenny had great marketable ideas before the show and ran with them to pave her way to becoming the most profitable women from the Bravo series.

She has made over $120 Million since her debut back in 2008!

She not only owns Bethenny Bakes, Skinny Girl Margarita, been a chef to the stars, an assistant to the Hiltons and been on Dancing With The Stars this past season... but, she also is the Best Selling author of 3 books.  

The titles of her books are: 

The SkinnyGirl Dish
Naturally Thin
A Place of Yes

Read them... they will change your life!

As far as the shows go... yes, what a silly way to waste time watching the drama unfold each season...but, I'm hooked! 

This is one of my guilty pleasures in life!  

We all have them.

Most of all, I value the lessons that some of these women are teaching me about business!  I am the first person to give props to women who have paved their own way... and, will take any lesson that I can from someone who has marked success.

I have always loved to read... I have about 10 books on my night stand right now. Since Bethenny left The Real Housewives of NY and Bravo aired her spinoff shows "Bethenny Getting Married" and "Bethenny Ever After" I decided to read 2 of her books to see what she had to say.  


What I love is her almost too simple way of telling her readers how to have more balance in life about food and exercise ---> without shoving some diet plan or some new product down the consumers throats.  She has many great ideas and easy to change ways to finding your Skinny person inside!  

Americans are fat!  It is a fact!  We trick ourselves into believing that it is unattainable to be skinny and healthy.  We give up too easily and we chicken out too quickly!

The day I started reading "Naturally Thin" I remember not being able to put it down!  Her ideas are so logical that it made me smile at how society stresses themselves out about losing weight.  I think we over complicate it for an excuse of why we aren't going to stick to the diet or workout plan.

We lie to ourselves and try these quick money diet pills or exercise tapes and putter out before they take effect because we want results FAST!  Reality is.... losing weight takes time!
& Keeping it off is the hardest part!

I love when an author has something valuable to say!  I am on the end of her second book and I have been transformed!  

For the last year... I have been struggling with eating right and working out. I am not usually the kind of person to diet or become obsessed with all of that stuff... but, this book has re-taught me how to think about keeping healthy without having to sacrifice!  I love her ideas of teaching you how to just become a better eater!  She teaches you how to mold these habits into your everyday life so that eating foods you like are not something you have to "give up" or "eliminate".  A lot of the other gimmicks out there make you feel like to be skinny and healthy you have to give up all the good stuff.  I have utilized her ideas/recipes and admit I don't miss my old eating/workout habits... or my old mind set.

I have also always considered myself a foodie.  Food is something my family always had the best of... I never have deprived myself of what I wanted to eat but, I have over eaten often when things taste great!  This book teaches you how to cut your portions and to cook more healthy.  Her recipes are delicious!  They are real food... cooked with health in mind.

Please, if you want to change your life little idea at a time, without burdening yourself with the stress of all of those diet plans, pill, books, workouts etc... get this book!  

You will not regret it!

Also, I have sampled The Skinny Girl Margarita made by Bethenny - LOVE IT!  

It's light and refreshing and something I would love to have in my liquor cabinet at all times!

So, here you go... my #1!  I believe many people have a lot to offer...  Bethenny has done that for me.

A big shout out and thank you Bethenny!  Congrats on your marriage to Jason, baby Byrn and success!  

You deserve it!

Also, check out her website... a lot of great ideas for healthy meals.

I want to know who your favorite Housewife is... follow my blog and leave me your comments!

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