Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Morning Ritual!

I am a pretty routined individual.

It all starts with my morning cup of coffee!

Each morning, I put on my running gear and head for my favorite coffee shop. 

As I open the door to Downtown Credo, I am greeted with a big smile and a knowing nod as I place my cup on the counter for later retrieval.

I then head out on my run.  
All the while, thinking of the end product 
- My Morning Ritual - 
my cup of Downtown Credo's Coffee!

Ben laughs hearing me say that my cup of coffee is the "reward" for running, 
but, it's the truth!

I admit it! 

If you haven't been to Downtown Credo coffee shop in College Park yet...

You should check it out!

I heart that this place is conscious of trying to make the world a better place!

and, it's one of the best cups of coffee I have EVER had!

I belong to one of their monthly membership programs.    

All you have to do is set up your PayPal account to auto deduct your membership fee
and bring your mug in for a hot cup of coffee!

I love the trendy feel, friendly people and calm atmosphere!

check out their website at www.downtowncredo.com

and, if you like them... let them know on facebook at www.facebook.com/downtowncredo

Maybe I will see you there one morning...

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