Thursday, June 30, 2011

On A Serious Note:

As I ran this morning, I was thinking of what I saw on the news last night before falling asleep.

"A runner was attacked in the Orlando area"

First, I want to say to all of you who do your daily workout outside... 

It is very important to be aware of your surroundings 

Don't wear headphones and be sure you pay attention to what is happening around you.  

Anything can happen. 
At any time!

Today, I want to bring home a few pointers that I learned while I was training 
for my marathon years ago.  

Please be sure to keep these 4 tools in your corner if you ever need to use them! 

This you can get at any running store (Track Shack) it is a little tag that goes on your shoe where you write in your name, address and an emergency number... JUST IN CASE.

If you are alone that is the perfect time for someone to get to know your daily habits and then attack when you are least expecting it.  One thing I remember about training for my marathon was a fellow teammate told me that "someone is always watching".  At first, I was like, uh, okay.... but, I realized that after years of running... PEOPLE ARE WATCHING! Weather it be someone on their stoop having their morning coffee, the garbage men on their morning route, a man fishing in the lake you run around or someone driving by.  Someone is always watching! I am not saying everyone has bad intentions, or trying to scare you...  Just be aware... you never know!  If you are prepared you could stop a bad situation.

I use the Niki+ GPS app.  It tracks online where I have been.
Plus you have a phone in case of an emergency.

If you know these lethal defense moves you could save your life:

*It ONLY takes 7 pounds of pressure to rip someones ear off.
same goes for the windpipe
(and, how surprising would that be to the attacker???)

*Your fingers are deadly... poke, gouge and claw someones eyes out.  

*Your elbow is the hardest bone in your body!  Use it!

*Kick or knee someone where the sun doesn't shine. :) 

*Make as much noise as possible to attract attention.

*Stay CALM!

* Go with your gut!  If it feels weird... It probably is!

If you can, try to workout with someone. If you don't have that luxury, choose the most traveled route and be sure to keep your attention to detail ON.

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  1. Craig Mitchell: Good motivation to run faster
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    My response:
    I think a lot of people underestimate the power they have to divert these things from happening ---> if you are prepared with a set of skills it could be your golden ticket... We can't afford to let fear and lack of education stop us from protecting ourselves.