Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hello Summer!

4th of July usually marks the beginning of summer for me...

Around this time, I start to work out more, eat less and get 
ready for my favorite fashion buy.

~ bathing suits ~

Searching for the perfect cut, style, color and fit can pose to be quite a task...

I always depend on Victoria's Secret to start 
the creative juices flowing 
& to help me narrow down my search.

So far this year, these are some of my favorites!

I heart the animal prints... 

I heart the clean of the gold and white...

I heart the bold of the yellow!
and.... I love the price!

With a new bathing suit,
 you have to have a fabulous cover-up.
Here are some of my favorites:

Usually, V.S. doesn't have a 
lot of stock later in the season.
Just in case, I have chosen a few others!

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