Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sticks & Stones...

I heart ART!

It absolutely amazes me how everywhere we look there is art! 
Be it a building or a sign, a haircut or a piece of clothing...
It's all a form of art.

On my search for interesting creative things I bumped into these:

Rock art.

At first, I thought to myself how odd these crochet rocks were but, I found myself going back to the images over and over.

There is something simple and lovely about them that keeps catching my eye.

Upon further search, I found a few more images of rock art.
Check these out!

I heart that rocks are an element of the earth.
And, the creativity of an artist transforming them into something useful 
makes me enjoy them even more.

After wrapping my mind around rock art, I started to think even deeper about all of the amazing things we make everyday out of trees... 

Wood art is also very popular.  
I looked around and found some amazing images to share.

All it takes is a thought to create...

Kudos to sticks and stones artisans!

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