Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I was a Busy Bee this weekend!

Hey everyone!

I have been busy at honing my jewelry making craft this weekend!

I went to my first official beading class @ Bead Bar in College Park, Orlando.

I bought a Groupon months ago for the beginner beading and stringing class & finally used it!

Although I already knew the basics it was really nice to go in and see how I could do everything better. 
The ladies in class were real nice and the instructor was super helpful!
I am really excited to report that I learned a few new steps that have come in handy already!

This weekend I spent a lot of time making some great pieces!
I can't wait to wear them! 

Take a look!

The first is a stone piece.  
I purchased the stones at my first bead show a month back...
They are bulky ~ Just what I like!
It is an amazing piece (the picture does it no justice!)

The second is a chain technique that I have been wanting to try.  
I made it of silver glass beads that I had laying around and it came out quite nice!  
I even made matching earrings.

The third is another color of the stone beads that I made the above necklace with.  
At the bead show I could not walk away from them!  
They were too stunning!
I made matching earrings too!

The last is a necklace I have been working on for a while.  
While I was out one Saturday with my sister checking out a new bead shop, 
I found the large turquoise piece.  
It is a stunning dark blue turquoise with an amazingly rare marble effect.
The matching pieces & clasp I found at the bead show.
This is by far my favorite!
Of course, I had to make matching earrings...

The large turquoise bead is stunning (I can't seem to take a picture to show its detail).
The smaller beads have a sterling sliver casing around them which reminds me of ivory pieces.

I had a great weekend doing something I love!

What are your hobbies???

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