Monday, November 28, 2011

Life. What does it all mean???


  1. This may sound is what u make it.
    It sucks sometimes because situations happens that we cannot control, but we can control how we react to it. I have learned that in life we have sooooo many choices, other than tragic situations, we truly have choices.

  2. I agree with Shammy, cliché or not.
    Plus, I really do think that the meaning of life is really simple. I have been reading a lot on the subject of religion, god, spirituality, and a little philosophy. I have come to the following conclusion - even if it may sound simplistic and naive:
    You are born as a result of a natural process / sexual act, and therefore you are. Now that you are, you're on your own and self-responsible. There is no need to question why, you are just a part of nature's beauties and miracles. And if you truly love this environment / earth in which you were given a role / place, then the meaning of your life can be found in actively participating to make it a better place and preserve it for every other person / species.
    Can it really be so simple?

  3. Shar and Jochen,

    I love that it seems natural to question and brainstorm about the "what if"... I believe that our questioning makes us find that "role"... It really is such an amazing thing to do when you let your mind stretch past the "usual" and help mold you and your actions into being a better person / participant of life. Thanks for your comments!