Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome... 2012!

Now that the clock has struck and we are in a NEW YEAR 
it gives us all another chance
(you fill in the blank)

This year I wanted to change it up 
& decided to make a bucket list for 
the whole year instead of making 
resolutions that fall by the way side. 
(in a few short weeks)

I mapped out the things I wanted to change, add, work harder on, do... etc.
For instance, I said every 3 mo. I wanted to travel.  

To me, putting a time line for certain entries is exciting.  
It will give me something to look forward to, work hard for & plan.

Resolutions out ---> Bucket List IN!

I am excited that I have made a commitment to make my Whole Year a better one!

Here's to an exciting

Did you do your bucket list yet???

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