Friday, April 6, 2012


It's that time of year again.  

Spring has arrived bringing us 
the vibrant colors & warmth of summer.

As we brush off the chill of the winter weather 
& pack away our sweaters and coats
we welcome the new bloom 
that comes with the mark of Easter.

Every year we spend time with family & 
cook to our hearts content while
enjoying our faith/traditions.

ie: the usual dying of eggs & hiding of the basket.

I can remember getting chicks & bunnies
as easter gifts when I was a little girl.
I saw this image today and thought, wouldn't it be great
if they really looked like this?

or, wouldn't it be great to get a baby bunny this year???

Then, I heard a voice telling me 
to stop the images dancing in my head 
of dying chicks in my kitchen sink.

So, I moved on to search for yummy foods I could make this weekend.

here we go...


Agreed, food is much safer than watching my cats stalk 
a baby bunny 
having drips of food coloring 
all over from a wiggly little chick.
(I am kidding - really!)

I hope you all have fun making delicious food and deserts this year.
Be safe, have a good time & be thankful for another year of family & health.


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