Monday, November 15, 2010

There is nothing like just being happy in the now...

Okay, so Friday comes... I am usually raring to go out somewhere but this Friday I was excited and happy to have my little niece Madison come over to play while her mom and dad enjoyed a night out.  She came prepared... games, puzzles, movies, snacks etc...

After mom and dad left we both just hugged and giggled a little bit.  She and I enjoy our time together so when we get to play I do it up.  It is like being a kid again!

Madison was having fun bouncing from cushion to cushion on the couch while she tried to evade her aunties ever so long arms.  She kept saying "try to catch me auntie!" and I swooped her up each time tickling her little tummy to let her know who was boss.

We played Jumping Monkeys (cute game if anyone wants to give a good gift), put a kitty puzzle together, watched sponge bob, talked a bit, ate pizza and then picked out a movie so we all could sit and relax together.

M&Ms in hand and chocolate milk not too far away she chose to watch Princess Frog.  We watched for ehhh maybe 20 minutes and she announced she was done watching it.  So, we decided to choose another movie.  Not even 15 minutes into watching trailers, I looked over and she was sound asleep.

My guy and I looked at each other and smiled.  It was adult time.

We chose a movie, cuddled up and relaxed.

What a perfect night!

I am blessed to have a great family.  I am blessed to have a wonderful guy.  I am happy with the now... It is such a great feeling!

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